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Indian foreign direct investments in Africa: a geographical perspective

  • Mohammad Amir Anwar - University of Johannesburg, Faculty of Management, School of Tourism and Hospitality, Bunting Road Campus, Auckland Park, Johannesburg, South Africa; e-mail: mohammada@uj.ac.za

  • Keywords
    FDI, South-South globalisation, natural resources, Africa, India

    Foreign direct investments (FDI) into Africa from developing economies have grown substantially over the past decade. While the focus of the enquiry among the geographers has been the rise of Chinese investments in Africa, India has become an important 'Asian driver' within the 'new scramble for Africa'. This article highlights the geography of Indian involvement in Africa in terms of its growing scale, new patterns and the emerging complex structure of Indian investments. The article finds that the nature of India-Africa trade relationship mirrors colonial trade relationships between India and the Great Britain. The Indian investments in Africa are resource- oriented and fused with geopolitical dynamics, driven by capitalistic agendas.



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