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The development and structure of industry in the district of Bagcilar, Istanbul.

  • Kadir Temurçin - Süleyman Demirel University, Art and Sciences Faculty, Department of Geography, Isparta, Turkey

  • Keywords
    industrial geography, industrialization, Bagcilar, Istanbul, Marmara Region

    As a part of Istanbul Metropolis, Bagcilar has been one of the leading centers of developments in parallel with the developments in outward-oriented economy and industrialization in the 1980's in Turkey. After these years of experiencing rapid urbanisation and industrialisation, the district has taken a look far from its earlier appearance. During this period of migration fact from suburbs to the cities, one of those who took the biggest share is Bagcilar. The purpose of this study is to determine the historical development of industrialization in Bagcilar and the causes of this development, its structure, and its sectors distribution. As an operation of a regional industry, this study handles the features of Bagcilar District Location, the factors that affect the industry in the District, the sectors distribution of industry and environmental issues.


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