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Factors Affecting Fertility - New Evidence from Malaysia

  • Atif Awad - University of Sharjah, College of Business, Department of Finance and Economics, Sharjah, UAE, P.O. BOX=27272; phone: +971 6505 2532; fax: +971 6505 0100, e-mail: aawoad@sharjah.ac.ae (corresponding author)
  • Ishak Yussof - The National University of Malaysia, School of Economics, Faculty of Economics and Management, Bangi, Malaysia; phone: 006 013 8921 5767; e-mail: iby@ukm.edu.my

  • Keywords
    fertility; mortality; population growth; economic growth

    This paper provides new evidence of the impact of government spending on economic growth in the European Union countries. Governments can adjust their levels of spending in order to influence their economies, although the relationship between these variables can be positive or negative, depending on the countries included in the sample, the period of estimation and the variables which reflect the size of the public sector. The results obtained based on regression and panel techniques suggest that government expenditure is not clearly related with economic growth in the European Union countries over the period 1994-2012 .



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