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Segmentation and motivations of the attendees' of the Mediaschool Festival in £ód¼, Poland.

  • Waldemar Cudny - University of Lodz, Branch in Tomaszów Mazowiecki, Institute of Tourism and Economic Development, Poland, e-mail: algernon1@op.pl (corresponding author)
  • Patrycja Ogórek - University of Lodz, Branch in Tomaszów Mazowiecki, Institute of Tourism and Economic Development, Poland, e-mail: pyska_@onet.eu

  • Keywords
    £ód¼, post-socialist city, film festival, point of passage

    The article presents the case study of the Mediaschool Film Festival held in £ód¼, a large Polish post-industrial and post-socialist city. The authors' main goals were to establish the number of the festival visitors, as well as investigate their structure, main motivations to attend the festival, and the level of satisfaction with the festival services. As a result, the authors draw conclusions concerning the role of the festival as a place of the film culture consumption, as well as its role in the development of social capital. The basic method of study was the survey, conducted among the festival visitors in 2011. It contained questions concerning the structure of the festival audience, the evaluation of the event, and the main motivations to attend it. The method was adapted from the event studies, which was a tactical move in order to place the research on the borderline between cultural geography and event studies. Other methods typical of cultural geography and used in the present study included participant observation and semi-structured interview with the festival organisers. The event is one of the urban festivals created after the fall of communism. It is visited mainly by young people, often connected with the £ód¼ film school. First of all, the festival satisfies the need for contact with culture and film art, thus contributing to the creation of social capital and the development of the film school in £ód¼ (a part of the cluster of film institutions in the city). The event is a meeting point for film people from £ód¼, Poland and abroad. Thus it could be also described as an obligatory point of passage in film-related network of connections.



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