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The Community Initiative LEADER I and the implementation and results of the Hungarian Pilot LEADER programme in rural development.

  • Csaba Ruszkai - Karoly Eszterhazy College, H3300 Eger, Eszterházy tér 1., Hungary
  • Tibor Kovács - Karoly Eszterhazy College, H3300 Eger, Eszterházy tér 1., Hungary

  • Keywords
    Hungary, rural development, regional planning, LEADER

    The aim of this study is to present the basic methodological elements of the LEADER Community Initiative in rural development established in 1991 and its practical implementation in geography. The most important principle of the LEADER programme is the territorial approach and the appearance of local communities in a relevant subregional and landscape context. The determination and creation of a natural and cultural geographical framework is not at all an easy task, although the LEADER cautiously puts down basic principles and makes clear references to spatial definition of local action groups. The aim of LEADER I is to demonstrate the spatial segregation of these communities and to evolve a particular image and a kind of critical mass (population, resources) to build a relative self-sufficiency.


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