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Process of ageing of Śląskie voivodship population until 2035.

  • Elżbieta Sojka - University of Economics, Poland

  • Keywords
    Poland, Śląskie voivodship, population structure, population ageing, age pyramid, index of demographic load, structural similarity measure

    The article presents changes in the structure of population by age in Śląskie voivodship between 1990 and 2035. The similarity of structures has been studied with the use of taxonomic algorithm and the time distributions of senility and load indices of the population in general while taking sex and place of residence into consideration have been presented. The process of population ageing is more and more intensive. Less and less numerous age groups that reach the productive age and more and more numerous age groups that enter the retirement age show that Śląskie voivodship, similarly to the whole area of Poland and other European countries, will have to face the problem of population ageing. This challenge is particularly hard to confront because of the low level of professional activity of the people over 50 years of age.


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